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Give and Take: A Note of Thanks

(This blog post is dedicated to Annette Adam, who passed away in August 2017.) Full disclosure, I really wasn’t a close friend of Annette’s, but it is hard not to develop an affinity for someone who was that genuinely nice. In fact, my adoration for her was cemented when one day, she paid me a lovely compliment about my writing. As I passed by her desk in the front office, on the way to my classroom, she said, “I love reading your blog.” I stopped and said, “You do?” She went on to tell me how … [Read More...]

I Miss My Hot Mess of a Friend, New York

I spent several days in New York recently, and like almost every other time, about a dozen in the last 25 years or so, I had the time of my life, but sure was glad to get home. But I miss it. I miss it like I miss an exhausting, crazy friend that I can’t live with or without—a friend that I love, curse, almost die with and don’t quite understand, on the daily. I had a great time—one of my favorite trips to the Big Apple ever—but I was ready to go. I took this trip to New York with my youngest … [Read More...]

Here We Go Again: Table for Four?

Our kitchen table just took another hit last week. The big oblong shape formed when all three leaves are inserted in the tiger oak table lost a leaf last year when our first kid hit the college road. This September, I took two leaves out. Now, the table that originally served as the meal meeting place in my Great Grandmother Oates’ house, and then sat in my Grandma Boitano’s kitchen for decades, is a circle. A table for four. It feels less lonesome without those empty chairs, and as one of the … [Read More...]

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